SAT at Elite

Studying for SAT and going to classes everyday for 13 weeks ever since the beginning of summer was really difficult. I went through a lot of stress and anxiety while trying to study for the test, since my test date is already next week, October 1. Even though I really didn’t like my school since they assigned so much homework and required so much from us students, making us having detention whenever we didn’t get at least 80% on quizzes, I realized that that was actually good for us. I improved a lot on my SAT scores after all of the hard work so even though I don’t like Elite, I also like it since it helped me a lot. I realized that even when you are going through stress worrying over tests and exams such as the SAT, it will pay off in the end after all of your hard work. I was able to go from an 1190 to 1360 on the SAT, which is a huge feat for me.


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