Effort is More Important than Winning

On Friday, I went to the Bell Game at OCC to support our Barons football team. I noticed that everyone around me was so pessimistic since they knew that our school was going to lose again, since we haven’t won in 12 years. I was very saddened about that fact because they should support and have hope for our football team no matter what, even though they haven’t won in awhile. I just wonder how our football team must feel, knowing that everyone looks down on them… But of course, I feel differently. I really support the team and was cheering them on as loudly as I could at the game. Unfortunately, lots of people left early during the game because they knew that we were going to lose, which was true at the point, but the point of coming to the game is not to support the team halfway. You’re supposed to support our football team fully, not just halfway, right? I stayed the whole time until the game ended and even though we lost, I was still happy because the football team tried the best they could. 


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