Scorching Hot Sun

Just yesterday, I went to volunteer at a 5K Run for my club. It was originally supposed to be an easy job, just cheering on the runners and handing out medals. Unfortunately I got assigned to one of the hardest jobs of all, walking along the 5K trail while lugging a wagon to pick up signs in the scorching hot sun. It was so difficult that I can’t even explain it, since we had to go up and down hills without even having proper shoes. Even though we all had to suffer together on that hike, I actually kind of enjoyed it and thought it was kind of funny. We ended up getting lost and the woman in charge of the event had to come pick us up in her car and drove us back to where the event was, which I thought was very embarrassing. Even though the hike was very difficult and tiring and I felt like a zombie afterwards, I still enjoyed it. 


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