Parrots are Smart? 

This weekend I volunteered at the Babies and Kids event for CSF. At one of the booths the worker displayed different animals that were alive and allowed kids to touch and play with the animals. I noticed a blue parrot off to the side and decided to take a picture with it, but I was very scared to because it seemed as if the parrot had something against me. Whenever I stepped close to it, it would turn its head to me quickly as if it was mocking me. In this picture, I was trying to take a picture with the parrot while standing far behind it but the parrot somehow knew I was there and did some kind of motion with its head before turning its head to me, scaring the living daylights out of me. I was curious about how the parrot was so smart and knew that I was scared of it, which caused it to want to mock me. Parrots are known to be able to talk also, but this one was the scariest since it was making fun of me. 


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