What Is It Like Up in Heaven? 

A few days ago, on Monday night, my aunt passed away unexpectedly. My family and I had a funeral for her on Friday and Saturday, with cousins and relatives coming here from Arizona to attend the funeral. The last time I attended a funeral was when I was younger so I didn’t know anything at that time, but now that I am older, I was able to understand the feelings of people at a funeral. I just started to wonder… What is it like when you die? What is heaven like? My dear aunt, are you living well up in heaven? Every time I heard my family members breaking down in tears and sobbing, it broke my heart every time. I started to realize that I hated funerals. I hate them because I hate seeing the people I love be in pain. I hate to see them cry. But funerals are also a good thing…because now my aunt does not have to suffer through her sickness anymore. She will be able to rest in peace in heaven with no worries nor stress. I really do wonder how heaven is like, since heaven is where I want to be when I pass away. 


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