Spring Semester Final

Throughout this whole entire year in AP Language and Composition, I have learned so many things, improved myself, and created lasting memories.

One of the assignments that I felt best represented my learning and growth this year was the LegiSchools essay. The prompt was “Should the school day start later?” Even though I do not consider myself a good writer, the experience of being one of the top 10 and having the opportunity to go to the state capitol and talk to lawmakers really affected me. This was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and though I don’t exactly know how I won this contest, I was able to learn from the other winners about what they wrote in their essays and their questions to the lawmakers. At the beginning of the school year, I had no confidence in my essay-writing skills at all but after winning this contest, I started to realize that maybe I’m not too bad at essays.

The picture above is the top 10 talking to school board representatives.

The picture above is Senator Janet Nguyen and I.
Throughout the all the essays that I’ve written throughout the year, I’ve come to realize some of my strengths and weaknesses. Some of my strengths are my organization and transitions. However, my weaknesses are that I need to work on concrete details, analysis, and grammar. The class lessons that have helped me the most in my development as a writer are analyzing passages that we read in class and the books that we read. The things that I have learned from the readings as a writer are how different authors use different ways to express their story and emotions, and how they show a use certain language and words to show their tone.
Throughout this year, what I wish I had done differently is spend more time on my essays to make sure I’m able to express my message well instead of just rushing through it to get the assignment done. I collaborated with my classmates by having the workshops to read each other’s essays and help each other improve in their essay-writing. I plan to apply my learning by using what I have learned in this class to write future essays, just as college essays. Going onto the college topic, in addition to the LegiSchools essay, another assignment that really helped me was the college project. I didn’t know as much about colleges before but after doing the project, I know exactly what the colleges I want to get into require, what GPA and test scores I have to get, and the costs of dorming and textbooks. I also wrote my resume which allowed me to know where I’m at and how much I need to volunteer more.

I shared my learning and questions by making SQUID posts on this blog. Whenever I watched an interesting video or read an article that I found to be fascinating, I would make my SQUID post about it. What happened as a result was people actually went on my blog and read what I wrote. I actually got some followers from my SQUID posts, which surprises me since my posts aren’t all the interesting and I didn’t expect anyone to read it. I know now that whenever I learn something and want to share it, people would end up reading it.
My Catcher in the Rye question was “How do language connect other people?” After reading the book, I have come to realize that the topics and the way you speak to other people allows for people to connect. In the book, when Holden talks to girls and other people, he tends to talk about many topics at once and often talks about adult things, which disables him from being able to connect with people. However, when he talks to his sister Phoebe, they’re able to connect well because it is obvious that Holden loves his sister by the way he describes her and talks to her. This is similar to real-life situations. In life, whenever you talk about many topics at once and don’t stick to one topic, it’s really hard to be able to understand and connect with a person as there’s too many things going on at once. But when there’s only one topic, two people are better able to connect and it’s even better if they have similar interests.
Now that the year is ending, I’ve realized that I’ve really improved myself in many aspects all thanks to this class. As I grow older, I will definitely use what I have learned to be able to be successful in the future.


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